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ETS for Tormach - EntirelyCrimson
ETS for Tormach - EntirelyCrimson

EC's Automatic ETS (Electronic Tool Setter) for Tormach

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50mm (height) Passive Electronic Tool Height Setter compatible with Tormach Mills

    Carbide touch pad - 20mm (0.75 inch)
    Recommended tool size 0.5mm to 20mm (0.02 to 0.75 inch)
    Almost zero pre-travel for tool sensing
    5 pin DIN connector (compatible with Tormach Mills)
    Armored cable - 6 feet length
    Repeatability: 0.002mm (0.00008inch)
    Tool setter speed: 50-200mm/minute (2-7 inch/minute)
    Tool setter is IP67 rated - water, oil, dust sealed (not the connector)
Automatic Tool Setting with EC's ETS is compatible with PCNC1100, PCNC770 with  PathPilot. Set this up as a passive device on your control software.
PCNC440 may only be compatible with some older versions of PathPilot. Check your control to see if it allows passive tool setter selection. Several versions have this feature removed.
This is also compatible with Mach3 however support is no longer available from Tormach on Mach3. Assistance with the configuration and implementation of the ETS is the responsibility of the user.
Colors may vary, the flexible boot is often gray, black or blue.