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Don't break your AR Lower Receiver installing a roll pin!

Many people have broken their receiver trying to install or remove the roll pin for the trigger guard.
It can be almost impossible to repair. The Upgrade Screw Kit allows you to quickly, safely, and easily remove your trigger guard any time you want with no modification to your receiver! No more roll pin!

This kit works with Aluminum and Polymer trigger guards


    • One screw for the front of the guard
    • Two screws for the rear of the guard
    • Three threaded inserts 
Instructions for Magpul Poly Trigger Guards:

Use a 5/32" drill on each trigger guard hole to make proper room for the inserts.
The front of the trigger guard only has one hole and can only use one insert and screw.
The rear hole passes through and uses one screw and one insert on each side.
The smooth side of the insert faces out and the side with the slot faces into the hole, as shown in the pictures.
Carefully press one insert at a time into each side of the rear hole.
Keep the insert straight at all times to avoid damaging them.  
Press the inserts flush with the guard is ready to install on your receiver.

Tip:  A small arbor press works best but pliers, vice grips, or channel locks work well too if you are careful.

This method works with the Magpul Polymer and  Enhanced Aluminum trigger guards.
This also works for LWRC, BCM, and Spikes guards.



Previous version of this kit had a longer screw for the front and did not need the insert for some guards. All kits now include three matching screws and three inserts making it universal for those installing Do-It-Yourself. Polymer Trigger gurads from me with preinstalled Upgrade Screw Kits do not include the front insert and have a longer screw. 

Not interested in DIY?
Buy a Trigger Guard with the EC Screw Kit installed

Magpul MOE with USK installed

Email Austin@EntirelyCrimson.com with any questions.
Shipping is only available in the US, no exceptions on Upgrade Screw Kits.

Trigger guards with the EC Upgrade Screw Kit installed are also available.