EntirelyCrimson Primer Tube Rack for Dillon    EntirelyCrimson Primer Tube Rack for Dillon Blue

EntirelyCrimson Primer Tube Rack

Upto 10 primer tubes snap firmly into this rack to keep them secure.

Install by slipping this on the top back side of your case feeder and
snug the included grub set screws with a 1/16" hex wrench.

Fits case feeders with 12.5" diameter and 1/4" thick housing.

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EntirelyCrimson Primer Tube Stand for Dillon

EntirelyCrimson Primer Tube Stand

Nearly one pound of billet 6061 aluminum 5" x 2" x 1.25".
Holds any combination of 10 Dillon Precision primer tubes, Large or Small.
Keep them handy and organized.

This is for one stand, no tubes or other accessories included.


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