EC Powder Measure Quick Disconnect
for Dillon Powder Measure

EC's Quick Disconnect for Dillon Powder Measures   EC Quick Disconnect for Dillon Powder Measures  

Replaces the powder die clamp on the Dillon Precision Powder Measures.

For use with current production Dillon Powder Measures on the RL-550, XL-650, and Super-1050.
Quick and tool-less removal and installation of Dillon Powder Measures.
Shipping is only available for the USA at this time.


Remove the mounting screws and the original powder die clamp from the Powder Measure. They will not be reused.
Remove the powder measure from the press.
Move the powder bar to the dispensing position, moving the failsafe assembly to be out of the way.
Install the springs over the screws included with your EC Powder Measure Quick Disconnect.
Insert the screws with the springs into the Quick Disconnect.
Place the Quick Disconnect onto the Powder Measure where the original powder die clamp was.
Tignten the screws only unitl they are near flush as shown in the video and assembled picture.
Install the two included nylock nuts on the end of the screws to lock the screws in place.

The Powder Measure will float slightly on the Powder Die, minor Die adjustment after installation of the Quick Disconnect may be needed.

EC QD assembly for Powder Measure

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